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Some of the outdoor events have been organised for the Liberties Dublin Festival, Crumlin Family Fun Days, Sandymount Family Fun Days, Halloween in St Catherin’s Thomas St. and Culture Night.

About the Event

The program consists of teaching throughout the event per small group and individuals as equipment comes available the basics of fencing movement, how to attack and defend with a sword and then allowing the participants to take part in a duel to fence each other.
The age category for an event is six years up to eighty years up.
Although there is a lot of fencing equipment brought to an event, often demand outstrips the equipment, in such cases a limit is placed on the amount of time to duel so more can get the opportunity to have fun and fence.


The Standard three-hour program costs €250.00 with this comes all the necessary fencing equipment for beginners to see what fencing is about, working with plastic and foam swords, plastic helmets and chest protectors.
There is a supplement of €70 per hour and part thereof for longer events.


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